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How to prepare your business to hire a Virtual Assistant

This is more commonly asked than you might think! Most of my contact forms from potential clients inform me that "they just need help!"

They're not sure in which area or even how they start to delegate but they are certain they have reached that moment in their business where they need support. This is very exciting, however it can also be daunting!

Here's what I say first....

Don't panic!
This is the first step in shifting some of that workload, so although you may be thinking of literally passing everything over at once - pause and pick the top 3 tasks that you can delegate. The reasons behind choosing these 3 tasks is completely yours, although common reasons include that they are too time consuming, not enjoyable and are not where your skills lie.

Find your perfect VA.
It's really important you find someone who you feel you will work well with. Remember though - it's not for you to interview them, they are business owners too and will also choose which clients they want to work with. I use time during my Discovery Calls to find out snippets of information that may link myself with my clients, such as enjoying the outdoors or loving a flexible working life. Use Google and word of mouth recommendations to search for Virtual Assistants in your area, but don't be put off against those who are further afield - the role is virtual after all!

Look at your processes.
Put yourself in the position of your new VA. Before they begin working on your tasks they need access and a run down of how you currently perform these tasks, commonly known as Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's). Once you've agreed a start date, email across all your log in details for the accounts they need, or use a tool like LastPass if you'd prefer. If you haven't already, start making a list of how you perform each task. In the future, your VA will be able to see if any of the processes can be streamlined, but for now it is most important they get the job done.

Take my Outsourcing Quiz
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You'll feel like such a weight has been lifted!
I always laugh that just talking about passing over some work tasks can make you feel on top of the world, but it's actually true. I think I can safely say every single client I have worked with has told me this is just how they felt, some even said it during the discovery call before we had even started! The aim of a VA is to enable you to feel this way and although there may be some backwards and forwards at the beginning, the shift in the future is ALL worth it.

I'm more than happy to chat through your worries and answer any questions you may have. Click here to head over to my FAQ's page or get in touch here to find out more.


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