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Advantages of hiring a Virtual Assistant over employing someone

It really is a no brainer! Read on...

Did you know there are different options available to business owners once they decide they need to grow their business and get additional help. One of the first and most common roles that are required in every business are Admin Assistants, Secretary's and Personal Assistants. But how do you get one?

Those specialising in HR may tell you that going down the employment route is the best option. It may be. But if you don't have HR experience, this can be really daunting! Mistakes can be costly, and not just financial.

But looking into hiring a Virtual Assistant could be so much more beneficial to's just you don't know enough about it. This blog will help give you some pointers!

At the moment you:
  • are getting overwhelmed with tasks

  • have no time to get on with growing the business

  • are working over weekends and in the evening when you don't want to be

  • struggle with tasks you don't enjoy or know how to do - which is even more of a time waste

  • know you need support...but where from?

If you employ someone:
  • you're unsure of the recruitment & HR process and don't know where to start

  • you worried you don't have 'enough' work to give an employee on a full/part time basis

  • you may realise that you've 'over-employed' someone. Giving them a full time 40 hour contract when you only have enough work to cover half of that time - expensive mistake!

  • you have to pay sick pay, holiday pay, uniform, pension contributions

  • you have to provide them with somewhere to work, along with what they need (laptop/mobile phone/desk etc)

  • you may end up in situations that can be less than ideal (grievances, dismissals etc)

  • you know you don't need this headache...just yet!!

But wait...

now there's the option to hire a virtual assistant!

  • You only pay a VA for the time they actually work - no lunch/tea breaks, no paying them whilst they take 15 minutes every morning to 'log on' whilst having a good chat about the weekend(!), no holiday or sick pay

  • You hire for the exact amount of hours you require - total flexibility here. Easy to increase and decrease when needed, working to your benefit around quieter periods

  • There's no involvement in their business. A Virtual Assistant will cover their own insurances and pay their own taxes - nothing for you to do here!

  • You select a virtual assistant that is perfect for you (correct skills, personality etc)

  • You both agree terms of notice (usually just 30 days notice for both parties) if you decide to part ways - no legal worries or sleepless nights needed

  • Your new virtual assistant will already have everything they need in order to work (their own work space, equipment, laptop)

So what are your thoughts? Has this made you think differently about the choice you have once you decide you are ready to expand....Let me know!

In America, hiring a Virtual Assistant/Executive Assistant is huge! Every company has one. Here in the UK, its still catching on. The market is huge. Think about what services are already outsourced/hired - accountancy, web design, marketing, HR.

A Virtual Assistant covers all general admin and often specialise in certain areas such as social media, marketing, Pinterest, email marketing, blogging, copywriting etc

Think of a virtual assistant as your personal assistant...only virtual! Simple as that.

To see what essential skills you should be looking for in a VA, check this blog out

I'd love to work with you, if you're interested and want to get in touch, please do!


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