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How to know if you are ready to hire a Virtual Assistant...

The fact you are reading this blog is probably a pretty big sign that you are, your business is growing and you're needing to adapt with it! Go with the flow....

I've made a few suggestions here that you may find easy to relate to.

You're ready to work with a Virtual Assistant when,

  • You wish there was two of you. Not just for company, we all know that running your own business can sometimes be quite lonely, but you miss having that person to bounce ideas your off . You're also realising that you can't do it all or be in two places at once!

  • Your 'To-Do' list is growing, growing and growing and no matter how hard you work to get those boxes ticked, the list is not getting any smaller! You're also well aware that you are procrastinating over some elements of your business - which is getting you nowhere.

  • During your week, there is too much time spent on back end business tasks (admin, finance, customer service) which is preventing you from focusing on the good stuff - the reason you decided to start your own business in the first place!

  • You are struggling to keep up with social media updates because you get sucked into the 'social media black hole' for hours on end whenever you try.

  • The work/life balance you once had has shifted and its not a shift you are loving! You aimed to work less hours, spend more time at home and/or doing the things you loved and that isn't happening anymore.

  • Your inbox is full with tat and junk that you regularly have to sift through to get to the important stuff.

  • There are some skills that are needed in your business that you don't have or you don't enjoy. You hate chasing payments, don't worry, a Virtual Assistant can cover that too. And just where is everyone getting those creative graphics for marketing from anyway!! (Psst, I can do those)

If any of this sounds familiar, it's time to invest in some support. Working with me, your new Virtual Assistant, will free up your time allowing you to focus and grow your business - all without going down the restrictive (and complicated) path of employing someone, providing them a work space, calculating their holiday and sick pay etc etc.

Take a look again at my service here.

Why not contact me for a chat, I'm lovely (honest!). It's super simple to get started together, once you do, you'll love it!

If you found this blog helpful, hit the 'heart' below, thankyou! Laura


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