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How to convert your enquiries into paying clients

Every business owner works hard to attract their ideal customer or client. It's not easy!

But once you've got them in the door, once you've got their details...then what?

I always advise business owners to aim to deliver a little more than what is expected.

Phenomenal Customer Service

Every enquiry or lead should receive the same level of care and attention. How you achieve this is completely up to you. Do you call them or email them? Are they expecting you to get back to them the same day? If not - try to do that. It creates a fantastic first impression! Do you provide or send out unique extras, such as personalised notes in their orders or welcome packs. Have a think about how doing small and simple gestures will impress and warm your enquiries so much that they are ready to recommend and can't wait to work with you/buy from you again.

Email Campaigns

Most people try and hold back their email address nowadays - they are wary of the spam and endless marketing that they may receive. Be open and honest with your enquiries from the beginning. Get consent to add them to your email list where you will be checking in twice a week or once every few months. That choice is yours. But let them know your intentions! I recommend using Mailerlite, which is what I use for my business & my clients.

Welcome Sequences

By creating a welcome email sequence to your followers/customers or subscribers, you are keeping them warm. If you receive their enquiry, along with their email, then never contact them again - they go cold. They forget about you and you'll find it harder to reconnect when you have got an offer for them - even if you know it will benefit them! Your welcome sequence may be 3 emails...or closer to 10. Again, make it suit you and your business. Pop into their inbox when you say you would, provide value and remind them why they enquired in the first place.

All these are simple ideas...but they do take time. Time that possibly you do not have.

Hiring a virtual assistant and outsourcing some of these tasks (of all) is a solution to nurturing your enquiries and converting them to paying clients!

If I can help your business with these tasks - book your Discovery Call with me and we'll chat further! Click here

I hope this help,



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