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What it's really like working from home...

Absolute bliss or horrid nightmare? Read more to hear my views

Let's go back a few years, possibly even pre-Covid, as life just wasn't normal then.

I worked with others. Real life in person adults. Team members. Colleagues. However you want to describe them.

The main point is that I worked with others. And they were great too!

I loved being social. I loved the chats, the interaction, being a shoulder to cry on.

That was enough. That was what I was used to in my world of employment. So I woke up everyday, drove a short distance, arrived at the office and began to work.

Sound pretty similar? Fast forward to now.

How do I feel about working from home? It's been 8 months since I made the chance from paid employment to working freelance from home.

The things I loved about working with others - I still miss. I miss people. I miss the laughs. I miss having someone close to 'offload' too.

But, there are also things that I love more.

I really love rolling out of bed and I'm suddenly in my office! I love that it's ok if my hair or make up is not ideal as no one will even see me.

Working from home has helped with my anxieties, my diet has also improved. I found this a vicious circle in employment, but now it's so much easier to control.

I love that I can have the radio on in the background, have umpteen cups of hot drinks and as many breaks as I like. I still manage to get out everyday for a short stroll. I love how it's flexible.

Only last week, we had a health scare in our family...guess what, I was there in an instant.

No trying to sort cover. No feeling bad about taking time off or taking holiday. No worries about not getting paid.

My business, my choice on how to run it. My family will always come first.

Don't think it's all roses though. There are some days, I've had to have a major kick up the bum to get motivated. I purchased a 'work wardrobe' that includes personalised sweatshirts and t shirts with my logo on.

This wasn't to advertise my business, it was so that when I got up in the morning, I put myself straight in 'work mode'. My head needed me too.

That's been very important for me. There's a fine line when working from home that can often get blurred.

Especially as you can 'look available' to partners or kids. Because you are in the house, you should be available to put the washing out, load the dishwasher, run the kids to the park or the yard.

"Ummm, I'm busy. I'm working!"

I learnt quickly that I had to protect my working hours so I didn't lose focus.

I've also never seen so much of my husband (!) who works different shift patterns. Us going from ships that passed in the night to suddenly living in each others pockets.

Working flexibly during school holidays has been a delight! We managed to get away at Easter to Center Parcs and reconnect as a family.

Luckily for me, I'm a highly organised type of person. I'm comfortable with hardly seeing anyone in a social setting. I also have a phenomenal team of other business owners (not just clients) who are one tap away who can instantly relate.

I'm getting closer and closer to creating my perfect business future plans involve a wooden garden office and an assistant!

So to answer what it's really like to work from home...

I believe it's completely down to the person living that life!

But for me, right now, working virtually is good and is the best way for me.



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