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What to outsource first to a Virtual Assistant..?

It's happened. You know you want to pass over some mundane business admin tasks to your new virtual assistant, you're happy with my pricing and agree that we'll get along. Now you're stuck just where to begin! Of course, I will be on board to discuss this over the phone with you, but for may find this blog helpful!

Best place to start when working out what to outsource, is to write a list (you know I love them!!) For something that will probably only take 5 minutes, it's quite eye opening and fitting this task into your week, means we will be ready to crack on next week!

  • Imagine your 'best week'. What does it look like? Write down tasks that you enjoy completing during your 'best week'! This is a great list. The best list EVER.

  • Make a note of tasks that you do not enjoy and would rather not spend time doing during your 'best week'. These could be based around general admin tasks such as sending emails or organising your calendar, social media based (engaging on Insta or Facebook), financial such as sending out invoices and chasing payments, or even something booking your hotel stays or emailing out your christmas cards! It's amazing to see what takes up your time!

  • Put a star next to those tasks that must get done....but not necessarily by you! (That's the key here, they must get done, but not always by the CEO or Manager or business owner!)

  • Think.... if you outsourced those tasks on that list to me, would that enable you to get closer to your 'best week'??

I bet it would! I also bet it would lower your stress and worry too. I know I can help and I've seen the benefits to my clients already.

You decide whether that help is weekly or monthly, whatever you choose, it will make a huge difference to you and your business. I know that as soon as I am fully booked with my clients, I will be looking to outsource my business tasks to another virtual assistant and have them as part of my team. That's how you grow as a business, but not doing it all and recognising the power in allowing someone to have your back with your back end business tasks.

Make a change now...why wait? Send me a message, call or email and we'll chat.

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