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Always comparing? Tell me it's not just me

Look at this photo. So far there is only ONE beautiful daisy in my wild garden. Just this one has opened it's petals and bloomed.

There must be over 50 others in bud. Just sat there. Growing but all closed up tight.

Why is that? I ask myself, what made this daisy confident and strong enough to bloom first?

Do you ever feel like others are blooming around you...leaving you still in bud?

Hands up...I do!

So how does this relate to us as business owners and entrepreneurs? I know lots of other business owners feel this way too. We speak about it through email and through social media. We like each others posts that mention this!

The world of Virtual Assistants is a busy one. Good ones. Professional ones. Experienced ones. I remember to tell myself they are not me though. They are not Laura. They don't have my humour or calming nature. They don't know my clear and particular way of working. They don't have my chirpy smile on a Monday morning!

What about your industry? Have a think. I bet your industry is full of business owners doing what you do. Very similar to what you do. But they are not you. What do you bring to the table? What do you give that no one else possibly could?

Just like those other daisies, we all get our chance to bloom. Somehow one by one we all get that much needed confidence and strength to push through.

You can do this!! We can do this!!


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