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Top Necessary Skills of a Virtual Assistant

Ever wondered what particular skills are needed if you are wanting to be a virtual assistant queen? Do you need training and certificates or is experience best?

The market to hire virtual assistants is huge! In my opinion the arrival of the Covid 19 pandemic in 2020, made business owners re assess the way they run their business.

All of a sudden, high flyers were asked to work from home, away from their secretaries and personal assistants and expected to carry out the majority of their business on Zoom.....

Some took to the challenge. Others not so much!

Working as a VA is not going to be ideal for everybody, but for some it's just perfect!

To become a Virtual Assistant super star, I believe you need these top skills:

Patience - To be virtual means you work remotely which involves many, many phone calls, emails and good old Zooms. "You're on mute.....!"

Order - Starting out, you may have 1 or 2 clients which are easy to manage and keep on top of tasks. As you get busier and the amount of tasks you cover at any one time increases, you need to have a good sense of order and organisation. CRM Tools such as Asana & Dubsado are your friends here!

Personality - People buy from people. It's widely known that businesses prefer to know who they are working with. They want to know if your vision and values match theirs. Your personality is a huge selling point to your business....don't let yourself down.

Motivation - Lone working is hard work. You may be in a position that you live alone, in which case it is even more important to ensure you make time to leave the house for a walk. Or have a chat with family or friends. If not, you'll blink and it's time for dinner and you haven't moved all day! Getting yourself an accountability buddy is a fantastic idea to keep you on track.

Ability to problem solve - Training or experience? Again, you might not have experience with a particular tool - the main thing is for you to be quick at learning and problem solving. A VA is hired because the business owner is busy and overwhelmed, so you need to be proactive in finding out the answers independently where possible. If there is something you don't know, you'll soon learn!

If you're a business owner looking to hire a Virtual Assistant, you can contact me or click here to find out my values & vision. I also give you an insight into my loves and personality on social media.

If you're thinking of becoming a VA, let me know in the comments, along with any questions you may have.

Being a VA has been life changing for me and is allowing me to create a less stressed and improved work/life balance for overwhelmed business owners and entrepreneurs who are trying to do it all, allowing them to free up time to focus & enjoy other things in their working week.

Ready for my support? I'd love you to get in touch


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