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What is a Discovery Call..?

When you start looking for the perfect Virtual Assistant to begin outsourcing business tasks to, you'll be asked to book a Discovery Call with them. But what is one?

Basically, it's Step 1 in getting to know each other. It's my favourite part of on boarding clients and it is such a vital stage!

You may be asked to fill out a quick form or questionnaire in preparation, so your Virtual Assistant knows your personal details including your business name.

In my business, we allocate a 30 minute slot during the working week to find out and discover more about each other.

I host my Discovery Calls over Zoom, but others may decide on a simple telephone call. During the meeting, I want to find out information such as:

Who you are
Are you super organised or appreciate a little prompt or two? Do you stick to your business boundaries? Have you an idea about your processes? What about your values? Who do you like to work with?

What support you need
Every client I've ever worked with required different support, in different ways. Our way of working together will be unique and I love that! We'll chat about the tasks you are thinking about outsourcing and the experience I have in order to support you. It may be helpful to look at my services before we chat so they are fresh in your mind.

How long do those tasks take at the moment? Perhaps you haven't started them yet because you've been putting them off. Little support or a lot? One off or consistent weekly/monthly support?

A Discovery Call is definitely not something to worry about or an interview, but on the other hand it's more than a general chat about the weather! It's our chance to see how we would feel working together.

Hopefully, this blog has answered exactly what a Discovery Call is

For more answers to FAQ's head to my website

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