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What is a Virtual Assistant?

Are you wondering what one is...or even how a VA can help your business? Read on..

Consider me your helping hand behind the scenes. Similar to a PA, but different in the fact that I (mostly) work remotely and am only paid for the hours worked on your tasks, saving you overhead costs and employing a physical employee member. When you run a small business, you may find yourself being pulled from task to task.

You may excel in social media, but hate filing. You may love filing, but hate social media updates. You may like some support in updating your website. You may not even have a website yet? You may have been meaning to get a 'live chat' function working, but never actually have the time to respond to your customers even if you did. You may have a desire to refresh your marketing strategies. You may absolutely hate keeping on top of your in goings and outgoings!) and want to pass that on....

Of course, you will naturally have tasks you enjoy more than others. Some tasks may even get put off and put off until they become a mammoth task!

Once you decide to outsource specific tasks to a virtual assistant, you are safe in the knowledge that those tasks are still being done...just not by you.

To remind yourself of the services I provide, click here:

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