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Top 5 Tools to get you Organised - start today (at bed time!)

If your goal is to be super organised - read more....

This was actually super hard to whittle down to only 5! There are so many tools out there to choose from. Some of these are focused for business, and some are perfect for our everyday lives.

Being an experienced Virtual Assistant to many UK business owners, its my job to be organised! Organised, pro active and time savvy. Here are my 5 go to tools:

  • Pen & Paper at bed - this was one of the first things that my old manager used to suggest. It's a recommendation that's always stuck with me! If you go to bed thinking of tasks and wake up in the middle of the night with THE best ideas ever - then you need a pen and paper by your bedside. Write them down. Doodle if you'd prefer. Once written - clear your head and get some sleep....ssshhh! They'll be right there waiting for you when you wake!

  • Use an online Calendar/Diary tool such as GMail Calendar. Once this is set up, it is so simple to add personalised colours and tags to events such as Personal, Business and Family. If you are a tad forgetful, set up email notifications to remind you half an hour or even the day before. Wanting to involve your business colleagues, your Virtual Assistant or even your family members? just send them the shareable link. To download your FREE Calendar guide - click here

  • Trial different online CRM tools (Client Relationship Management). Many online platforms have free versions that give you a idea of how they look and what you can create to help you to manage both tasks...and different clients if you have more than one. Take a look at Dubsado, Trello & Asana to start with. My favourite tool is Asana and helps me to share how I am getting on with each task with my clients.

  • De clutter - whether it is de cluttering and sorting your desk or workspace - you will feel better for it! Clear desk, clear mind! Not only does it make the area visibly more appealing, its more inviting too. Don't procrastinate - get it done. I always clear my workspace at the end of the day so everything is ready for me to crack on with the next morning!

  • Create a to-do list. I always speak about how it doesn't matter what you use. A post it or a £50 personalised journal. And it doesn't. But I'm a very visual person, so I know that I work better with pretty stationery. Even better if its colour coordinated! It doesn't need to be expensive though. Some of my most used daily or weekly to do list pads are from Home Bargains. Try to find one that is lined with tick boxes - this will make you more productive as you have a desire to tick off tasks as you go!

I hope you find these 5 tools useful in your search to become organised! With time, you'll find what works best for you. Then you can discard the rest.

Let me know how you get on and what your favourites are! Send me an email to



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