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Small Business Struggles....

I remember the excitement of starting a small business. I had my goals, my plan and my vision. I was ready to go! I also had a huge to do list. There was so much to organise, from a website to registering as a business, emails, phone calls, marketing, paperwork, social media....this list went on. Was I supposed to know how to do all this? (You're not, by the way!) Do you know what almost tipped me over the edge? Out of the whole to do list, it was knowing that my time should have been better spent doing what I loved in my business! The rest was not a productive use of my time. Yes, those tasks still needed to get done...but was I the best person for that? No. My talents at that point were elsewhere, my strengths were needed to push forward my business instead! It got me thinking. Are there other business owners out there that felt frustrated like I did? Are there other business owners out there who want to free up 1, 2 or 5 hours per week so they can focus on their strengths....or even take time for them to have a better work/life balance. How nice it would be to book in a yoga lesson or go out for a run during your usual working week! Looking after you is vital. If you are overwhelmed in your small business, hear this: I GET YOU. I understand because I've been there. I am passionate about helping you. I am with you, every step of the way. Contact me now to chat through us working together. #virtualassistant #workingremotely #workingtogether #businesstips #setyourgoals #personalassistant #buildthelifeyoulove #localbusiness #uksmallbusiness #adminsupport #adminneeded #adminassistant


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