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My December head spin.....

It's finally Friday and we're in December, there's not even much left of the year. In fact blink and you'll probably miss it!

My head is in a whirl this morning with all things associated with December. My bedroom looks like a department store and I woke up at half 4...yes, half 4! I know exactly why.....

It's all of my to do list bouncing around in my head. Family, business, shopping - to name a few

Hhmmmm, shopping! Let's start there - In Essex, I do my best to support small businesses, looking out for craft fairs and shop small events. Shopping locally in Harwich & Dovercourt, Manningtree and Colchester. I know how important this month is to small businesses and my god, they work their socks off!

Don't get me wrong, I've bought from big giants too....(some teenager gifts you just must) Combining shopping with family though? My children, who are 14 and 11, are blatantly honest about searching for their gifts in our home before and after I have wrapped them. Having a little guess, a little squeeze and shake...

I know...the horror!! Actually, I don't mind, because back in my teenage years, I used to cut open the sticky tape on my parcels and then reseal them - so I know the drill! Sorry Mum & Dad

The problem is, I have no storage where they now can't reach! I live in a bungalow and I am feeling like I am slowly but surely running out of space. My peaceful, tidy bedroom is getting covered in bags, boxes and wrapping paper. I'd like my bedroom back please!

Moving on to running a business in December.... Well! For many businesses, this is the busiest time of the year. Don't worry, you can breathe soon! For others, they are able to use this time to plan and focus for the new year. Set goals. Create vision boards. Start thinking about how they will be moving forward their business in the New Year.

Running Laura Rachel Virtual Assistant, I'm a mixture of the two. Sitting happily in the middle. Where are you at with your business?

Are you in the 'Yiphee....I'm excited about the new year!' or 'Oh, Here we go again!' stage? It could be you need to think about how to get yourself excited! I can relate....

I'm ready to grow my team. I have businesses waiting to work with me. Although I 'm nervous taking this next step, it needs to happen or I won't be able to grow. That makes me excited!

Does your business need to grow? Get excited! I'm ready to work with you as your virtual assistant as you start 2022!! Are you excited now, have you felt your energy change? If so, get in touch!

Remember in the blink of an eye, December will have gone, the presents unwrapped and we'll be celebrating the new year.

Enjoy your December!!


Call: 07891 847841


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