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How much time do business owners spend on admin?

You'll be shocked.....

A study found that business owners spend on average 21hrs 36 minutes on admin tasks a week in their job.....! This must leave you time for little else, especially if you are needing to complete 'practical hands on' tasks too.

Here are 3 simple ways to cut down your time spent on administrative tasks such as emails, calendars and newsletters:

  1. Create a to do list and work through it. This is actually a first step on how to begin outsourcing tasks to a virtual assistant like me.

  2. Use technology to assist you - start your calendar online instead of using pen and paper. Again, another first step in how to outsource your calendar management to me!

  3. Consider passing some tasks on.... what would you do with that extra time instead?

I can support your working week with as little as 2 hours of admin support, or 10 or 15.

Your first job today is to make that list of tasks you could happily pass over. Using a Virtual Assistant like me is to save you time, but in the long run, money too!

Read here to find out more about the services I can help with. No task is too small. As I sit here, I'm about to add contacts for a business into their MailChimp and Google Contacts account. Simple things, but quite often time consuming!

When you are ready to work with me, fill out the simple contact form, call or email me.


Call: 07891847841


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