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A day in the life of me... a Virtual Assistant!

Come find out what its all about....with a few giggles along the way!

I find that the world is still unsure what a VA is. Honestly, I didn't know either and had to Google it. When I first 'brought up' my new business role to my family and friends, a few thought I'd lost the plot. Laura, a Virtual Assistant in Essex, working with business owners remotely..? Being a mix of a personal assistant, executive assistant, social media manager and tackling various admin tasks...? Sounds like hard work!! Others I spoke to were envious I get to work from home and "wanted to join me!" Since starting, I've spoken to a fair few business owner who can't wait until they have the support of someone just like me....I light up with pride!

This blog is the perfect way to set the record straight and see if it lives up to your expectations.....

Let's be honest, it's not all glamorous! (although my photo is kind of gorgeous, don't you think?)

Once the day has started, the kids are at school and the kettle's boiled, all I need is my:

  • laptop & phone

  • planner & pen

  • plus, the occasional hot drink and pack of biscuits!

My first decision of the day is where to set up my workspace. This can sometimes be trickier than it sounds....

I love the natural light in my bedroom, but feel cosy in the warmth of the living room, sometimes though needing the social aspect at the coffee shop (just seeing real life people during a working day can be refreshing!) Often, jumping in my car, whacking the heating on & getting a few jobs done whilst overlooking Harwich beach or Mistley waters is a great calming beginning to the week. So lucky I live where I do!

When I am at home, there H A S to be a candle lit - I'm going through them at a crazy speed and am welcome to recommendations - let me know your faves!

In my planners (there's not just 1 or 2...I admit!) I know exactly which client's task I am working on for each day, so for the first 15 minutes or so, I have a quick refresh, open and respond to any urgent emails and start logging into the various apps and tools I use - there will be a later blog on these, so keep checking back!

I am a self confessed sucker for order and structure in my life. That's how I excel! I work through each task, one by one, ticking as I go. I ADORE a tick box, sometimes ticking willy nilly for the sake of it!!

Each task is so different from the next. It may be that one moment I am designing event posters in Canva, before updating spreadsheets and calendars, then getting stuck into engaging and posting on social media. The afternoon may include calling enquiries, booking appointments and sending out welcome emails.

The simple fact that each day is SOOOO different and mixed, is one of my loves!! Who wants to do the same job every day!!?

Toggl keeps an eye on how long I'm working for each client, records everything and easily links to my invoicing system. Another life saver, because time really does fly!

If you also work at home, you'll definitely relate to this....but now and again you must GET UP and MOVE!!! Before long, you'll realise you've sat still for 4 hours and missed lunch - who's done that before?

I've organised my weeks so that I take Wednesdays off (to look after and be my grandparents entertainment for the day), aiming to finish my other working days around 4ish. I'll often spend some spare moments in the evening to catch up on little bits for myself. If I do end up working late, like when I design a new FREEBIE, such as the 'How to organise your Calendar' Download, I'm often far too excited to stop - so it's never a problem.

When you love what you do and can work in the way you choose, its a great feeling. Becoming a VA has allowed me to pursue my own business dreams and appreciate the freedom that working for myself gives.

Dream come true!

All in all. This role is perfect for me. It makes me better. A better mum, a more chilled out wife and a goal smashing Essex business woman. I'm so grateful I made this change into my world when I did, I hate to think where I'd be now if I didn't!

I hope you can tell how much I love doing what I do. That makes a huge difference when you're choosing who to work with in your business. You don't want to deal with a negative Nancy everyday when they're supposed to be supporting you. Aaargh! Can't think of anything worse!

If you are thinking about making positive changes to your business by hiring a VA or even becoming one yourself, do get in touch. I'd love to hear from you!!


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