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4 Things to expect when working with a Virtual Assistant

This is good. This is juicy! Prepare to get mind blown....

When working with business owners, I see many changes, including changes to owners themselves and adaptations to how they organise their working week. Some changes are huge, some tiny and some are not visible at all!

Here are 4 things you can expect when you decide to work with a Virtual Assistant like me.


Talking through your business processes that you know inside & out, reminds you just how fantastic you are at running your own business. You may not feel confident right now, but as soon as we begin working as a team, you will feel your confidence grow and grow.

Having this confidence reminds you that you are not alone & you do not have to do it all! You don't need to complete all the administrative tasks, all the marketing, all the customer service tasks.

You absolutely do not need to be the one to post on social media everyday....! Can you believe you've gone this far without having support?

You deserve to hire a Virtual Assistant!

Shout it from the rooftops, "I DESERVE A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT!"


As business owners we recognise the importance of time.

Time for ourselves. Time for our business. Time for everything in between. This time is precious time. Protect it at all costs!

I hear it constantly. I was exactly the same. I bet you decided to be a business owner because you were sick of the 9-5, you were never home and you wanted the freedom & work/life balance that being your own boss provides.

That was the dream! So where has that dream gone? Your business has grown and that's perfect! That was the goal right?

But now....can you relate to feeling as though you are working ALL the time. Are you struggling with time consuming administrative tasks? Are you no longer happy with how your time is spent? Are you running out of time during the week and (oh my goodness!) working at the weekend??

Can you feel the dream slipping away - or has it disappeared completely? Working with a Virtual Assistant like me, will ABSOLUTELY be life changing in changing your working week, getting back time for you! It could be 1 hour a week or 40 hours a week - the choice is yours! What would you do with your extra time now?


Do you find being a business owner a tad lonely? Have you got someone to bounce ideas off? Do you ever get so excited about achieving something that you must tell someone immediately. I'm that person!

I love working closely with my clients to find out about them, to follow their vision, their goals and proving how working together will be amazing! As a Virtual Assistant, I'm here to share your passions, your successes and have a giggle with you if anything fails!

You'll also have an accountability buddy. My clients love this! They love knowing that I'm behind the scenes and ready to provide a little nudge where necessary. I promise I only nudge gently when requested to


It's stressful. It's consuming. But this business is yours. Your business to run how you choose.

You can absolutely continue to run it as you are.

BUT if you're feeling stressed, bogged down with particular tasks and feeling as though you don't enjoy some parts anymore - NOW is the time to book a call with me.

I promise, even during your free 30 minute chat with me, you'll feel less stressed.

You'll feel like a weight has been lifted.

Like you've totally got this! The beginning of a new chapter.

These are just 4 things to expect when working with me. There are so many more! Check out what my clients say about working with me here

I'm so excited for you to book your FREE 30 minute chat with me - I can't wait to find out more about you!



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