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How much does a Virtual Assistant Cost..?

Put a spin on much is YOUR time worth??

Essentially, that is the choice you are making. Yes, I can go on and on about the skills I have, the experience I have and how I will be able to save you time because I have already got systems in place.

All good points! (And well worth knowing)

But what you need to know is that at the end of the day, I am going to save you money.

So again, ask yourself 'What is YOUR time worth?'

If you outsourced a task to me for an hour for £25, what if that allowed you to:

  • Get on with the practical job you are doing (making money)

  • Take on a new client or new job (more money - possibly thousands!)

  • Know that once you walk through that door at home at 5pm, you are having 'family time' with your partner or bathing your child and not completing office work (priceless!)

The point is, if YOUR precious time or amount you can make in an hour (doing what you do best) is more than £25 - don't consider booking me as an expense you can't afford!

If this has changed your view on how booking me can save you money, fill in that contact form on my website - click here and let's get started!


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