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With over 15 years experience in various roles including secretarial, finance, HR, graphic design, PA and administration, I have got the tools and experience to ensure a high quality service - at a competitive price.

As I have run my own business and also been a Company Director, I understand the struggles that entrepreneurs face. Something has to give. You need to look after you or you'll get burnt out!

I didn't and both my health and family suffered. Now it's my aim to unburden business owners from the tasks that leave their heads' in a spin!

Always loving a list (or two!), I am super efficient, trustworthy & well organised.

I'm also chirpy, proactive and quick to pick things up! Did I mention a tad sarcastic?

I live in teeny tiny Harwich, Essex UK with my family and have spent far too many years being cooped up. Adoring the great outdoors, I'm often found cycling along the promenade or at the yard spending time with a couple of extremely wonderful horses who I adore!

My values include kindness, being myself and respecting my boundaries whilst creating my perfect working week from my home and garden. 

my perfect partners

Working virtually means I can support any business in the UK. Us working together is not dependent on the size or type of business you run - it's about checking we are a good fit together! 

Specialising in supporting photographers and business owners in the wedding industry, I know just how to help with CRM tools such as Studio Ninja!

I have supported and worked with clients in different industries too: business coaches, fitness, home improvements, estate agents,, transport and childcare. 

If there’s a specific question you can’t find the answer to, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I'm always happy to chat with prospective clients to talk through working together. 

Do I sound like I'd be your perfect partner...? Click the Book Me Now button below to change your working life!

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